Digital Rainbows

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Who has not been inspired by the fleeting beauty of a Rainbow"




Double Rainbows at Wasa BC 




Double Rainbows South of  Wasa 




A Rainbow Arches The Fairmont Range 



Double Rainbows Over Columbia Lake After an Early Evening Shower


Double Rainbows Over The Wetlands North of Columbia Lake



Digital Photography by Elaine Sell Prefontaine 






It's only natural to chase rainbows

Sometimes in life it's on every person's mind

There is nothing wrong with chasing rainbows

But don't burn that bridge behind


There is no exact place for a rainbow

A perfect place is hard to find

It could be that place you came from

So don't burn that bridge behind.

Written by My Father "Randall Sell" 
Lived 1915 to 2001

Dad wrote this poem for me just after I had moved to British Columbia from Alberta.



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